Shamit Fiesta

It is an Annual event for the children and the staff. It promotes the students to offer their contributions enthusiastically. It provides a platform to the children exhibit their talents in the field of Drama, music, Dance. Also it is a day which acknowledges the endeavors made by the children to shine throughout the year.


Diwali Joytime

Fun is at its peak for the children as its time for them to celebrate the ‘Festival of lights’. The school, children and their parents come together to be a part of the festive bash. Children enjoy to the fullest also imbibe values of team work and co-operation while they assist their mentors at the stall.

Science Exhibition

It is the place where the ideas and logical skills of children meet the audience. A blend of creativity, organization and analytic approach is displayed by the children through their models and experiments.


Sports day

One of the most eagerly awaited event of the year where the premises echoes with the voice of cheering. The physical abilities of endurance, flexibility and stamina are exhibited, judged and awarded. It also fosters qualities of generosity, sportsmanship and discipline among the children.