Healthy Infrastructure

The school is spread across a vast campus of more than 2 acres. We also have an additional 2 acres collaborated Gymkhana infrastructure which solely focuses on the co-scholastic development of the children.


The air that we breathe is as important to our health as the water and food we take. For years now, breathing in pure clean air, has become a challenge. So we make sure you can breathe in Oxygen every time you spend time at School. Give your body, blood and brain the life with the air, even in the indoors while your children learn & play. We boast of an infrastructure that has Improved Air circulation for better air quality leading to a healthier, comfortable and productive indoor climate. Building design has been evaluated to provide free cooling within the building space by optimizing cross ventilation. Appropriate opening has been provided to flush out the hot air through cross ventilation leading to much cooler spaces within the development.


Day-Light Analysis

Shamit School will never make you feel SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is apparently caused of inadequate light. What results from an improper diet of foods may cause malnutrition; an improper "light diet" may cause malilumination. The classrooms have been designed by optimizing the wall window ratio and glass selection providing perfect day-lighting and comfort to the students.

Reduction in Energy Consumption

The high albedo roof coating reduces the amount of heat absorbed by reflecting over 90% of visible and infra red radiations away from the building. This reduces the roof surface temperature by 3 degrees. 250mm thickness of the building’s walls, cross ventilation, roof insulation, shading and design leads to significant energy savings and thermal comfort for the students. High Performance Glass reduces the amount of solar heat entering the building by more than 65%.