Maths - Logical Thinking, Mental ability, Problem Solving, Real-life Application

It is essential that children gain understanding of Mathematical concepts through experience. At Shamit, we strongly emphasize on children having a firm grasp of number facts and developing the ability to use them in mental calculations. We provide rich and supportive learning environments and use a variety of teaching approaches, including active learning and appropriate and effective use of technology. By using mathematical toolkits offered by Jodogyan©, puzzles and games to introduce concepts, we make Math interesting and relevant to children’s lives. Children are intellectually engaged in learning by reasoning, predicting, evaluating, concluding, and solving problems, skills that are fundamental for life-long learning.

Math is also treated as much as a language as a subset of skills. Mathematical reasoning, mathematical communication, and mathematical application are clearly identified as school wide goals. We actively promote and create opportunities for children to experience the relevance of mathematics in modern, everyday situations including problem solving activities to develop independent thinking and ensure that numerical and analytical skills are developed.